Bratislava has always been the city at the border. The city itself and its surroundings were fortified from the medieval ages to the present times. Czechoslovaks had built more than ten thousand bunkers of all sizes and shapes along its borders, between years 1935-1938, in order to repel Hitler's invasion. This is a Museum about this masterpieces bunkers and famous first democratic Czechoslovakia.

Due to the political decisions, especially due to the Munich agreement from September 1938, defense strategy prepared by Czechoslovak generals could not have been used

and Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia with only little resistance. He captured the advanced weapon industry and used Czechoslovak factories to fuel-up his invasion to France.

Throughout the War, technology and special weapons from Czechoslovak fortresses were stolen by Wehrmacht in order to enhance the Nazi's Atlantic wall.

Once, the War had come to an end, the communist regime raised up the Iron Curtain and bunkers in Bratislava, as part of the no-go zone, fell into forgotten. Most of them were abandoned and completely robbed.

Form June 2011 a group of volunteers started the restoration of one of them and opened the museum B-S 4 for wide public.


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