Museum B-S 4 was established in 2011 from the initiative of longtime friends. Museum, with its rare collections of genuine weapons it is on of its kind in Slovakia. Panzer loopholes, massive walls of reinforced concret and special fortification weapons, all can be found in this two-floor fortress. Get a guided tour and  explore the modern history of Czechoslovakia.


Throughtout the year, museum organises various events and reneactment shows. It is open for visitors from April untill the end of October. Main goal of all the activities, is to educate about important historical moments of Czechoslovakia between years 1918 - 1987, to honor the technical heritage and to remind young generations that freedom and peace needed to be fight out.


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All visual materials help to present authentic war history but do not glorify war. They neither support or promote racism, violence and religious discrimination nor any political opinions.